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The Day Jim Morrison Was Buried

Rock 'n' roll icons never seem to be allowed to simply pass away quietly into the night.

There’s often some sort of conspiracy surrounding the death, especially if it was under strange circumstances. When Doors singer Jim Morrison died in July 1971, in Paris at the age of 27, all the requisite boxes were ticked for an old-fashioned mystery.

by Michael Christopher
Corral Canyon Cave, better known by the misleading moniker "Jim Morrison Cave," was was closed to the public until further notice. Large crowds have shown up on a daily basis to see the often vandalized cave and add to the vandalism with graffiti of their own.

Mythical Jim Morrison Cave Closed Over Doors-inspired Graffiti

LOS ANGELES — As the Doors song goes, this is the end.

Fans of the band who have marked up a scenic cave on the California coast with psychedelic graffiti will have to find another place to spray out their love for frontman Jim Morrison. The cave has closed indefinitely for cleanup.

by The Associated Press

Basic Bro Jim Morrison Predicted EDM

That bass drop on "Light My Fire" tho.

This explains so much: Why he frequently performed with a mouse helmet over his head. All those tweets linking to surprise Soundcloud mixtapes. Why his music so often relied on four-to-the-floor beats, tape stops, collaborations with Fetty Wap/Sia, and those sick, patient bass drops. Jim Morrison, frontman of The Doors, invented EDM music. Rolling Stone dug up this old interview with Morrison from 1969, where he talks about the future of music:

by Matt Miller