(Credit: Far Out / Alamy / Picryl / Austin Forrest)

Exploring Jim Morrison’s Epic Californian Desert Odyssey

In 1969, Jim Morrison made a film called HWY: An American Pastoral. The opening shot of the movie sees a stretch of asphalt unspool with the credits painted onto it before the camera eventually arcs towards the bruised sky of a moody desert dusk where the desolate moon hangs like a milk bottle top on a washing line awaiting the hissing company of the night.

Credit: Elektra Records

How the Doors Song ‘Riders on the Storm’ Defined Jim Morrison

When The Doors first formed in 1965, starting a song with a lightning crack and an apocalyptical atmosphere was out of the question. In the eternal summer of peace and love, the flowery sanguine sound that most of the mainstream music in the era propagated was in direct contrast to the iconoclasm that followed shortly after.