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The Doors' Jim Morrison Declared "Fat is Beautiful" in a Rare Interview From 1969

When one thinks of The Lizard King, AKA The Doors’ enigmatic frontman Jim Morrison, one doesn’t necessarily think of him as an overweight glob of a man. The undying image of Morrison scantily clad in leather trousers is that of a sinewy and sultry rock God, untouched by the humanity of food. However, Morrison, more than most, struggled with his weight and under the spotlight, he developed some serious thoughts about the pressures on being body conscious.

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The Drug-addled First Meeting of Nico and Jim Morrison

The relationship between Jim Morrison and Nico was not what you would call Kosher. Opening up about her time with The Doors frontman, Nico once said: “I like my relations to be physical and of the psyche. We hit each other because we were drunk and we enjoyed the sensation.”

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The Eerie Moment Jim Morrison Predicted His Death

Since the early days of the music industry, many musicians have died in mystifying circumstances. Whether it be drug-related, suicide or murder, given that these figures are revered at the God-like level, many of us want to believe that there was something else at play and that simply chance or self-will was not enough to cause the death in question. Duly, it’s always the same questions that are floated around: Who else was present? Did they commit suicide? Was it an accident? Was it a murder?

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The Final Time the Who's Roger Daltrey Got Wasted With Jim Morrison

The Isle of Wight Festival was a steep cultural landmark, an event that bookended an era and was the last hurrah before the swinging sixties’ days became a thing of the past. It wouldn’t only close the counter-culture movement, but it would also be the final time that The Who's Roger Daltrey got to see Jim Morrison, and they put the world to rights.

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The Five Best Poems Written by Jim Morrison

Formed in Los Angeles, in 1965 by vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, and drummer John Densmore, The Doors would rapidly rise to become one of the most iconic rock bands in history, and certainly one of the most fascinating.