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The Radiohead Song Inspired by Hatred for Jim Morrison

Despite being a crude and tangled precursor to the refined beauty heard in The Bends (1995) and OK Computer (1997), Pablo Honey still has a great deal to offer. The album represents an important stage of Radiohead’s early development; the group were still only in their early-to-mid-20s when recording the album, so it shows signs of their lack of experience and immaturity while revealing a smorgasbord of ideas that can be seen as a proverbial launchpad.

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The Reason Why Jim Morrison Refused to Pick a Favourite Song by the Doors

When Jim Morrison died aged just 27 in 1971 in France, he had already left behind an immortal musical legacy as the mystical frontman of The Doors. The band struck gold early on with the release of their eponymous debut album in 1967. Their formula of poetic psychedelic blues struck a chord with the blossoming counterculture of babyboomer USA and soon found its way to foreign shores.

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The Story Behind The Song: The Doors' Classic 'The End', Jim Morrison's Oedipal Nightmare

“It could be almost anything you want it to be.”
➖Jim Morrison

The above reply to a usual question likely tells you everything you need to know about, not only The Doors classic song ‘The End’, but also Jim Morrison the poet, the singer and the idol. Rightly seen as one of the seminal band’s best tracks, ‘The End’ has enjoyed a charmed life ever since it was spat out by the band during the dying embers of the sixties.

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The Story of How Jim Morrison Gave Matthew Mcconaughey His Catchphrase

Matthew McConaughey has enjoyed an interesting career. Whether it be the beginning where he starred in supporting roles, the late 1990s where he moonlighted as a leading man in outings such a A Time to Kill, the mid-2000s in rom-com purgatory or, the 2010s where he became one of the most well-respected actors of the contemporary era, McConaughey’s career has been one of the most oscillating we’ve ever seen.

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The Two Disastrous Occasions Jimi Hendrix Met Jim Morrison

Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison are two of the biggest icons of the counterculture, and there remain some parallels to be drawn between them, not to mention their inclusion in the infamous ’27 Club’. However, it turns out that the two occasions in which the pair actually met were utterly disastrous, and their characters could not be more contrasting.

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The Unique Doors Album That Reminds Robby Krieger of Jim Morrison

At the age of 18, Robby Krieger joined what would turn out to be one of the most important psych-rock groups of the 1960s: The Doors. Renowned for their wild antics and their charisma-oozing frontman, Jim Morrison, the LA-based group defined the sound of west coast psychedelia, stamping an indelible mark on popular music that it still bears to this day.

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Val Kilmer Explains How He Prepared to Play the Role of Jim Morrison

Val Kilmer has delivered many memorable acting performances over the course of his long and storied career. Ranging from Top Gun to his portrayal of Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever, Kilmer has a diverse filmography and the latest addition to his oeuvre was a very well-received 2021 documentary titled Val which featured unseen footage recorded by the actor himself.

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Watch Jim Morrison Predict the Future of American Music in 1969

At school, Jim Morrison’s teachers could see that he was a little different. He was a notable bookworm and his senior year English teacher once recalled: “Jim read as much and probably more than any student in the class, but everything he read was so offbeat I had another teacher (who was going to the Library of Congress) check to see if the books Jim was reporting on actually existed.”