Basic Bro Jim Morrison Predicted EDM

That bass drop on "Light My Fire" tho.

This explains so much: Why he frequently performed with a mouse helmet over his head. All those tweets linking to surprise Soundcloud mixtapes. Why his music so often relied on four-to-the-floor beats, tape stops, collaborations with Fetty Wap/Sia, and those sick, patient bass drops. Jim Morrison, frontman of The Doors, invented EDM music. Rolling Stone dug up this old interview with Morrison from 1969, where he talks about the future of music:

Photograph by Richard Avedon

Jim Morrison is Dead and Living in Hollywood

J.D. Souther once told me he spent his first years in L.A. learning how to stand. Jim knew how to stand from the start. He stood pigeontoed, filled with poetry against a mike with that honky-tonk Berlin organ in the background, and sang about “another kiss.”