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How Jim Morrison Almost Ended Harrison Ford's Acting Career

Harrison Ford is one of the most iconic actors in all of Hollywood. With a career spanning decades and several legendary characters to his name, including Han Solo from the Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones from the film series of the same name, and Rick Deckard from Blade Runner, Ford has influenced a generation of actors.

by Mike Bedard

The Disturbing Connection Between Charlie Manson & Jim Morrison

The voice and influence of Charlie Manson echoed through the ages of rock and roll. Manson had fancied himself a musician and, of course, he did record some music, so it's no secret that he weaved himself into the musical fabric of the California hippy community.

by Justin Beckner
William S. Burrough’s Embarcadero and Jim Morrison’s First Love NFT collections bring the legends together again.

Jim Morrison’s First Love NFTs

James Douglas Morrison, also known to millions of adoring fans over the course of 7 decades as Jim Morrison, has topped the lists of international pop-culture icons since his first album release in 1967. Now, in 2022, we have set out to mint one of the greatest collectible collections of all-time with stills from Jim Morrison’s First Love non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as well as stills of William S. Burroughs: Embarcadero available for you to own now at Opensea.io

by PR Fire
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Artists in Exile: the Doors Singer, Jim Morrison in Paris

Travel to the Père Lachaise cemetery on the outskirts of Paris, and you will find one of Europe’s great necropolises. Under a canopy of ash, maple and hazel, cobbled pathways cut a bewildering maze through endless rows of grand tombs. Along this path, tourists amble along with fixed brows, searching for one of the famous names that litter this land of the dead. Many will be keeping an eye out for one name in particular: that of Jim Morrison, who was buried here in 1971 after dying from a drugs overdose in his Paris apartment.

by Sam Kemp
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Jim Morrison’s Childhood Florida Home Hits the Market for $2.5 Million

One of rock’s classic icons—Jim Morrison, spent his childhood and humble beginnings in Melbourne, Florida, before he skyrocketed to legendary status.

As his father was in flight training during World War Two—now Melbourne Orlando International Airport—Morrison was born at the now nonexistent Brevard Hospital in 1943.

by Krystal S

Jim Morrison’s Childhood Home in Florida Hits the Market

MELBOURNE, Fla. (WESH) — One of rock’s first icons – Jim Morrison, had humble beginnings in Melbourne before he rocketed into legendary status.

As his father was in flight training during World War Two- at what’s now Melbourne Orlando International Airport – Morrison was born at the nearby Brevard Hospital in 1943. It's now gone.

by Scott Heidler
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Listen to Jim Morrison's Isolated Vocal on the Doors' 'Roadhouse Blues'

It would be hard to argue that alcohol contributed to the performances of Jim Morrison. A hardened alcoholic, Morrison only truly began to spin out of control in the final years of the 1960s. His once-sleek and svelt image was now slovenly, and the man himself was bearded and pudgy.

by Tyler Golsen
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Jim Morrison’s Dad Played A Role In The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident

For hardcore fans of ‘The Doors’, it is relatively well-known that lead singer Jim Morrison’s father was a flag officer in the US Navy. A lesser-known fact is that Jim Morrison’s father, Captain George Stephen Morrison, commanded the Carrier Division during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident famously gave the Johnson Administration the justification they needed to escalate the Vietnam War.

by Madeline Hiltz

Top 22 Jim Morrison Quotes

Few musicians in history have been considered such heady, thoughtful poets as has Jim Morrison, the frontman for the 1960s powerhouse band The Doors. With his curly locks, bare chest, and thoughtful tongue, Morrison raised a number of eyebrows with what he had to say as much as how he said it.

by Jacob Uitti