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The Doors' Jim Morrison Declared "Fat is Beautiful" in a Rare Interview From 1969

When one thinks of The Lizard King, AKA The Doors’ enigmatic frontman Jim Morrison, one doesn’t necessarily think of him as an overweight glob of a man. The undying image of Morrison scantily clad in leather trousers is that of a sinewy and sultry rock God, untouched by the humanity of food. However, Morrison, more than most, struggled with his weight and under the spotlight, he developed some serious thoughts about the pressures on being body conscious.

by Jack Whatley
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How Jim Morrison's Defiance Got the Doors Banned From the Ed Sullivan Show

We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to revisit a momentous occasion in the career of the counter-culture kings The Doors. It was a moment which could have quite easily cost them their career but, in the end, may well have made it. It was the moment they were banned from The Ed Sullivan Show.

by Jack Whatley

Val Kilmer’s Transformation Into Jim Morrison Was Crazier Than We Realized

Val Kilmer is one of the most talented performers of his era, and while his career did not play out like many would have predicted, the truth is that the man had plenty of successful films back in his prime. His time playing Batman saw him alongside Nicole Kidman and Jim Carrey, while Top Gun had him alongside Tom Cruise. Kilmer did it all in his prime, and he forged an interesting legacy.

by Anthony Spencer

The Doors Frontman Jim Morrison Once Predicted the Birth of Edm

It’s safe to say that the sounds Jim Morrison created with The Doors was lightyears ahead of its time, the enigmatic vocalist is a figure that alternative music will always be forever grateful for—even if he was somebody that departed us painfully too soon.

by Joe Taysom