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The Jim Morrison Project is an audio & visual anthology detailing the life of Jim Morrison through his poetry, film work, artwork, spoken word & music with The Doors. The Jim Morrison Project was originally launched on July 3, 2011, in memory of the 40th anniversary of Jim Morrison's death, and will now be relaunched in celebration of his 70th birthday on December 8, 2013. Even in death, Jim Morrison's legacy lives on.

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Traditional Art / Drawings / Portraits & Figures © 2014 Lovelybrokendoll

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Fan Art / Fan Fiction / Drama

Entwistle had to carry Keith on his back as he reached the shore. The big baby was exhausted. He lay his drummer friend down on the damp sand, leaving him to sober up.

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To make the argument that the intellectual quality of popular song lyrics is plummeting, I could easily use this space to reprint any lyric by Rick Ross or Miley Cyrus. However, I'd like to make a positive point: that the rock music of yesteryear was rich with references to philosophy and literature. Of course, I understand that references do not equal depth and that literary references can still be found in the music of Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend and Radiohead. But below I seek to show the degree to which the memorable pop musicians of the '60s and '70s were engaged in conversations with former thinkers or writers. I organize these conversations by thinker or movement. If you like lyrics that are strong enough to be read as text and enjoy references to history's most influential thinkers, look to the music from the Age of Aquarius and become a declinist like me. Besides, declinism is on the rise.

Nietzsche—the ultimate declinist ("history is the story of the degeneration of man")—has perhaps received the most noteworthy shout-outs in rock history. The Doors' Jim Morrison once told a report that, in order to understand "where he's at right now" psychologically, one must read Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy. Above any of his contemporaries, Morrison was most truthful to Nietzsche's suggestion to harness Dionysian energy. He was faithful to his books too: His father remembered that Morrison was offered a high school graduation gift and chose the complete volumes of Nietzsche over a car. Morrison would go on to write an impromptu ballad "Ode to Nietzsche," attempt to make a film about the horse that kicked Nietzsche in the head and bring goats on stage to mimic Dionysus, Nietzsche's chosen God. One could argue that Morrison lived according to Nietzsche's theory of Eternal Recurrence—which roughly suggests that a person should live his or her life so freely that he or she would choose to live it over and over again. Of course, Morrison lived so freely that he died at 27, giving leverage to Nietzsche's quote, "The favorites of the gods die young."

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Cheri Amor, 8214 N. Norton Ave.  (Photo by Cheri Woods)The West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission will be asked next week to declare rocker Jim Morrison's Norton Avenue apartment as a cultural resource.

The Door's Morrison lived in the building known as Cheri Amour, with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson, in 1970 and 1971. They reportedly had a stormy relationship, with frequent fights at home. Morrison moved from West Hollywood to Paris in March to live with Courson. He died there in July 1971 in the bathtub from what some have said was a heroin overdose.

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This special includes previously unreleased Jim Morrison material in the form of song, poetry and interview segments, and features 35 classic tracks including LA Woman, Break On Through, Back Door Man, People Are Strange and Alabama Song. In association with Frank Liscandro, author of the recently published photojournal, "AN HOUR FOR MAGIC" The Doors—Three Hours For Magic: The Jim Morrison Story [London Wavelength 3LP's] This is one of the rarest Doors recordings out there, once even considered a "phantom recording" until a vinyl edition popped up. This recording was made in 1982 and was supposedly broadcast once in England in '83. It was pressed in a limited number of 500 vinyl copies that were promos given to radio stations in the early 80's. Very few have seem to have survived. It contains three hours of anecdotes about Jim Morrison from everyone from Corky Courson, Pam's father, to Tony Liscandro, to journalists, the Doors and the like. It is truly an amazing set for any Doors fan. It also contains Jim reading poetry from the Lost Paris sessions of '71.

The Doors Portal (2014, April 21). The Doors Three Hours For Magic: The Jim Morrison Special 1982. Retrieved April 22, 2014, from
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Featured Book

The Doors On The Road
by Greg Shaw provides a comprehensive timeline of live performances, reviews of the shows, stage antics of the performers, gossip related to the events, and recording sessions.

I just got out of college. I wasn't doing much of anything. I was free for the first time. I had been going to school, constantly, for fifteen years… I wandered around; I was living down in the beach in abject poverty… It was a beautiful hot summer, and I just started hearing songs. I think I still have that notebook with those songs written in it… But I heard in my head a whole concert situation, with a band and singing and an audience—a large audience. Those first five or six songs I wrote, I was just taking notes at a fantastic rock concert that was going on inside my head. And once I had written them, I had to sing them… This kind of mythic concert I heard… I'd like to try and reproduce it sometime, either in actuality or on record. I'd like to reproduce what I heard on the beach that day.

—Jim Morrison



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