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CONCERT DATE: 09/14/1968
LOCATION: Frankfurt - DE
VENUE: Kongresshalle

The Doors Portal. (2014, September 14). The Doors Live Footage at "Kongreßhalle" Frankfurt 1968. Retrieved September 15, 2014, from
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The Doors

It has been more than 40 years since the death of The Doors' charismatic frontman Jim Morrison. Despite the general view of The Doors as a historic band that was part of the unchangeable makeup of the psychedelic rock culture of the 1960s, appetite for the band continues to the modern day. In the early 2000s, two of the three surviving original members re-launched a version of The Doors with Ian Astbury of The Cult on lead vocals. That move, along with many uses of The Doors name and music in recent years, came with a side order of legal controversy.

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Jim Morrison's life and work will be explored in both a new book and an upcoming documentary film.

The Finn brothers, who are still working on the project, say they hope to premiere it at a film festival next year, and then release it on DVD and video-on-demand.

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Classic rockers came to St. Louis on Sept. 4 to pay tribute to John Densmore and The Doors. Some even recalled the group's Waiting For The Sun tour and appearance way back in November 1968 at Kiel Auditorium.

Unfortunately, the sun has set on the lives of two of The Doors four original members: Jim Morrison, lead singer and Ray Manczarek, keyboardist. Morrison will always be remembered best for his "Light My Fire," long play, for his psychedelic music and for his untimely death in Paris at 27 in 1971.

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Robby Krieger’s Jam Kitchen will be performing Sunday, Sept. 28, at The Strand House to benefit the Roundhouse Aquarium. (photo by Jill Jarrett)Robby Krieger was the last to join what became The Doors, but he was instrumental in writing some of the band's timeless songs including "Light My Fire" and "Love Me Two Times." More than 43 years after the death of Jim Morrison, the band's enigmatic frontman, Krieger is still making music and continuing the legacy of the iconic band.

Robby Krieger's Jam Kitchen will be performing Sunday, Sept. 28, as the headliner for the Sea Starry Night Jam, a benefit for the Roundhouse Aquarium in Manhattan Beach. Some members of Jam Kitchen played on Krieger's album, Singularity, which was nominated for a Grammy for "Best Pop Instrumental Album" in 2012.

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The Doors Playlist

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  • The Doors - Light My Fire [HD]
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  • The Doors- Light My Fire Official Live
  • Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios
  • Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison [OFFICIAL FILM PREVIEW]
  • Riders on the Storm - The Doors HD
  • The Doors, Mr. Mojo Risin The Story Of LA Woman
  • Jim Morrison: His Final Hours - "Final 24"
  • The Doors Aura Studio Demos (1965) [Early recordings of the Doors]
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  • Doorstown: Jim Morrison and The Doors Documentary
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  • The Doors   Soundstage Performances 1969
  • The Doors: Mr. Mojo Risin - The Story of LA Woman extras
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  • The Doors When the Music's Over Live at Matrix "San Francisco" 1967
  • Turn out the Lights - Jim Morrison's last night on stage
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  • Members of The Doors Discuss The Genesis of "Mr. Mojo Risin'"
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  • The Doors Build Me a Woman Live at Aquarius Theater "Private Rehearsal" 1969
  • The Doors Morrison Hotel Silent 8mm Film Footage 1969 The Changeling 12 11 70
  • The Doors Five to one / Spanish Caravan Live at "Philadelphia Arena" 1968
  • The Doors Five to One Live at Cleveland Public Auditorium August 3 1968
  • The Doors Back Door Man Live at Matrix "San Francisco" 1967
  • A Night With Jim Morrison at The Alta Cienega Motel
  • The Doors - Riders On The Storm (ORIGINAL!) - driving with Jim
  • The Doors - GLORIA - dirty version (music video, fantasy cut)
  • The Doors, Spanish Caravan Live, Madison Square Garden, New York Jan 24, 1969
  • Dawn's Highway Trailer
  • The Doors - Ships With Sails (HQ Audio)
  • THE DOORS - Rare promo video of Light my fire
  • Rare Live Footage of The Doors and Jim Morrison
  • The Doors - Let It Slide
  • The Doors- Five to One
  • The Doors - Love Street
  • The Doors - Roadhouse Blues (Live)
  • The Doors - Moonlight Drive [HD]
  • The Doors - When The Music's Over (LIVE IN EUROPE 1968)
  • Jim Morrison in "Florida State University: Toward a Greater University"
  • Jim Morrison Alta Cienega Motel Room 32
  • The Doors - Waiting for the sun
  • the doors live light my fire hollywood bowl 1968
  • The Doors - The Changeling Live RARE 8mm Home Movie
  • The Doors - Spanish Caravan (From "Live In Europe 1968" DVD)
  • Back Door Man- The Doors( Live in Seattle ) RARE
  • The Doors - Light My Fire (Live In Europe 1968)
  • Jim Morrison in an Airplane
  • Jim Morrison, The Weird Dawn of Dreams
  • The Doors - The Soft Parade
  • Adolf Hitler is still alive
  • The Doors (The Crystal Ship)
  • The Doors (Wild Child rare version)
  • The Doors - Touch Me
  • Deleted video

Featured Book

The Doors On The Road
by Greg Shaw provides a comprehensive timeline of live performances, reviews of the shows, stage antics of the performers, gossip related to the events, and recording sessions.

In a way, we came along at a weird time because we came kind of at the tail end of the rock revival from England. You know, they'd already done it. So everyone was saying, "Hey, look at that, they did it." I think it was the success of those English groups that gave hope to a lot of musicians over here, saying, "Pssh, we can do the same thing!"

—Jim Morrison



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