Jim Morrison: True to His Genius

Had he not overdosed in Paris in 1971, Jim Morrison would have been 67 years old this December 8.

The legendary star of the Doors called his childhood “an open sore,” and told his band that he was an “orphan.” Later they discovered he had a mother after all. In 1967, she was sitting in a front row seat her son, “The Lizard King,” had reserved for her in the Washington auditorium. During the show’s climactic number, "The End," he sang “Mother, I want to…” then barred his teeth and snarled “FUCK YOU!” He refused to see her again. Nor did he ever again see his father, a Navy admiral. “Father?” he sang, “I want to KILL YOU!”

Jim Morrison, The Doors — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Blueee77

Jim Morrison’s Childhood Florida Home Hits the Market for $2.5 Million

One of rock’s classic icons—Jim Morrison, spent his childhood and humble beginnings in Melbourne, Florida, before he skyrocketed to legendary status.

As his father was in flight training during World War Two—now Melbourne Orlando International Airport—Morrison was born at the now nonexistent Brevard Hospital in 1943.

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Why Did Jim Morrison Lie About His Parents Being Dead?

The story of Jim Morrison remains coated in both tragedy and mystery. On the one hand, the sweet music he made with The Doors was lightyears ahead of its time and would play a crucial role in shaping music’s future. While there are no question marks over his talent, his personal life, on the other hand, is soaked in irregularity and question marks remain over who Jim Morrison really was.