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After Oliver Stone's THE DOORS, a biopic reliving the last days of Jim Morrison in Paris is finally in the making. Meanwhile, in this video teaser featuring Phil Steele's haunting title theme, we accompany the hard-drinking Lizard King as he follows in the once-earthly footsteps of Romantic poets Arthur Rimbaud and Oscar Wilde in his desperate search for immortality in the CITY OF LIGHT.

Written and performed by Phil Steele
© Bleu Train Music (ASCAP/SACEM)
℗ Last Tango Productions/Kontor New Media

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This is not the 1965 student film recreated in Oliver Stone's 1991 movie, The Doors, which has become the subject of much fan interest over the years. First Love, according to Schwartz, pre-dates that student film and was allegedly Jim's first directorial effort.

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This rare film about the FSU "Toward A Greater University" was recorded in the period between 1963-1964 and it shows young James Douglas Morrison, the legendary vocalist of The Doors at the age of 20.

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This video could use music, but if you are a big enough Doors fan to sit through a 6 minute vid, I figured you could crank your own chosen music. ;)

Jim Morrison by Stephan Beauvais

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