Exactly half a century ago—July 29th 1967—this song hit Number One on the Billboard Hot One Hundred. This essay is adapted from Mark's book A Song For The Season:

It was 50 years ago today-ish that Sgt Pepper was going on about how it was 20 years ago today. That's to say, the "Summer of Love" is half a century old: It's longer ago today than the summer of flappers and charlestons and bootleg gin was back in 1967. But, boomers being the most self-absorbed generation in history, we're going to be living with boomer pop culture until the very last one keels over at the age of 130 singing "Give Peace A Chance". So we might as well get used to it. And, to be honest, there's one aspect of the Summer of Love I'm quite partial to. What was America's Number One song in that bright new hazy psychedelic dawn? Oh, come on, baby…

Steyn, M. (2017, July 30). Light My Fire: Steyn's Song of the Week. Retrieved from

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