The “Bad Boys” of reggae, veteran band Inner Circle, will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2018, and their latest single, fittingly, is a cover of a 50-year-old song, The Doors’ “Light My Fire.” The reggae remake of the rock classic (produced by Inner Circle, released on DubShot Records/SoundBwoy Entertainment) features Samoan American reggae star J Boog and Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens—and it developed from a bout of insomnia.

“I couldn’t sleep one night and the story of Jim Morrison was on TV, he was singing 'Light My Fire' in a laid back way and I was like, this guy has a reggae attitude,” Inner Circle bassist Ian Lewis recalled in an interview with Billboard on the phone from the band’s Circle House studios in North Miami. “Then J Boog came here, he was chilling at our studio and the idea came to me to do 'Light My Fire' because I thought it was a wicked song,” Ian continued. “Reggae is that natural kind of music that can wrap itself around anything so the song just came off of a vibe, it wasn’t planned.”

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Except for today’s drug problems, about the only thing that remains from the Summer of Love is the music and it underwent a big change between June and September 1967. The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and that album, strikingly different from previous Beatles music, was hailed by many as a classic.

Personally, I never cared for the psychedelic character of the album or the Beatles’ change from clean-cut guys to bearded wonders. Still, as a rock ’n’ roll disc jockey, I had to deal with the change.

In case you don’t remember, the No. 1 song this week 50 years ago was “Light My Fire” by the Doors. It featured Jim Morrison—who would die a few years later of an overdose—with his growling voice and a driving organ lead. I loved the song then and still do.

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LOS ANGELES – On July 29, it will be 50 years since the Doors hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Light My Fire,” one of the biggest songs from the Summer of Love and the band’s best-selling single of all time. Rhino will commemorate the 50th anniversary a day early with the release of a limited edition reproduction of the 7" single that was released in Japan in 1967.

Limited to just 7,500 vinyl copies, LIGHT MY FIRE will be available on July 28 for a suggested price of $7.98. The sleeve replicates the artwork that was unique to the original Japanese release and contains the original A and B sides: the single edit of “Light My Fire” and the album version of “The Crystal Ship.”

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Exactly half a century ago—July 29th 1967—this song hit Number One on the Billboard Hot One Hundred. This essay is adapted from Mark's book A Song For The Season:

It was 50 years ago today-ish that Sgt Pepper was going on about how it was 20 years ago today. That's to say, the "Summer of Love" is half a century old: It's longer ago today than the summer of flappers and charlestons and bootleg gin was back in 1967. But, boomers being the most self-absorbed generation in history, we're going to be living with boomer pop culture until the very last one keels over at the age of 130 singing "Give Peace A Chance". So we might as well get used to it. And, to be honest, there's one aspect of the Summer of Love I'm quite partial to. What was America's Number One song in that bright new hazy psychedelic dawn? Oh, come on, baby…

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The Doors’ continued grip on popular culture shows absolutely no signs of abating with news that the band’s classic 1967 single, "Light My Fire," is set for a limited edition re-release to celebrate the song’s 50th anniversary.

Limited to just 7,500 vinyl copies, "Light My Fire" is released on July 28.

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Jim Morrison by Stephan Beauvais

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The Jim Morrison Project is an audio & visual anthology detailing the life of Jim Morrison through his poetry, films, art, spoken word & music with The Doors.