Mr Mojo Risin

Do women have it? And what does it mean to have your mojo workin’, risin’, ect.…


It might not be what you think is.

According to Webster the word was popularized by blues musicians, but mojo actually has several meanings:

  1. A narcotic, especially morphine.
  2. Magic, the art of casting spells, [or] a charm or amulet used in such spells.
  3. A slang word for self-confidence or self-esteem.

In the first sense mojo may derive from the Spanish mojar, to celebrate by drinking; in the second, from an African word, perhaps Gullah, moco, meaning witchcraft or magic.

The musician Muddy Waters wrote a song about losing his Mojo and Jim Morrison is probably best known as Mr Mojo Risin.

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Source: The New Bohemian

Jim Morrison by Stephan Beauvais

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