Miami Incident

Everyone loves a good mystery, and while we usually expect tales of unknown intrigue to be in the form of books or movies, there are many unsolved tales throughout music history that has puzzled fans for years. Is Paul dead? Who killed Biggie and Tupac? Did Led Zeppelin get freaky with a groupie and a freshly caught mud shark? Most of these stories have either been proven false or remain unsolved (except for the "mud shark" one...turns out that one's true), but the is one particular question that has remained a classic rock legend to this day: What the hell happened at the Doors' concert in Miami?

There are many varying accounts of the night of March 1, 1969, but what we at least know for sure is that the show was unmitigated chaos, the incident marked the beginning of the end for the Doors, and the night ended with the band's enigmatic frontman, Jim Morrison, facing jail time for allegedly showing his genitals to the crowd of 12,000 people. But before we get into whether or not Morrison pulled out his little Jimmy onstage, let's zoom out and discuss the night in its entirety, including the events leading up to it and its lasting impact on the legacy of the Doors and Jim Morrison.

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