He was a student in the film department. I had a class of 440 people, a one-credit class in European literature. He came in with his good friend Michael Howard, who was studying film with Jim Morrison; he’s 85 years old now. After class was over, students would walk up the steps to the stage…[Morrison] asked me a question, and another student nearby said "That's Jim Morrison!" He had just made the first disc of The Doors, but my music is experimental jazz. So naturally, I said "Who's Jim Morrison?"

A couple of years later, I was no longer at UCLA, but I was asked to give a reading during the Vietnam War. People were burning the American flag outside the theater at that time. I gave a reading, and [Morrison] upstaged me! He came in and upstaged me while I was reading; I could not finish the poem. He read "The Star-Spangled Banner" ironically. I was very angry and left the theater. Two days later, he had his secretary send me two volumes of writing that he had published, one was poetry, and the other was lovely essays about film. He was a good prose writer. I think they came out in another volume later on.

And that's the story of me and Jim Morrison.

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