Actor Harrison Ford had a brief stint behind the camera in 1968.

It's a fact few people know, but Harrison Ford, who's made a career out of being in front of the camera, once shot Jim Morrison.

Long ago, before rocketing to stardom as the captain of the Millennium Falcon, he worked as a carpenter, doing odd construction jobs and building sets.

One house he had worked on turned out to be that of photographer Paul Ferrera, who as luck would have it, happened to be shooting a documentary about American rock band The Doors, called Feast of Friends.

Ferrera had discovered during filming that one camera would not be enough, and after meeting Ford again at a party in 1968, offered the role of second camera/grip to the 25-year-old.

According to The Doors Guide, Ford attended a crash course in shooting, before starting on some footage for Feast of Friends.

Robby Krieger and girlfriend Lynn

John Densmore

Ray Manzarek

Some stills from Feast of Friends (1968).

His first bits of footage took place at the Northern California Folk-Rock Festival in San Jose, California, in May 1968, where Ford was seen loading a camera just before The Doors were scheduled to perform.

Ford has reportedly joked that his camera work was usually off-focus, although much of the footage made it into the 40-minute final cut.

The Doors Guide reports that the following shots are likely to have been shot by Ford.

Jim Morrison on stage in San Jose

Ford's involvement in the documentary project—which went on for five months, spanning two countries and more than 20 cities—did not last long, and he was not seen in other shows displayed in Feast of Friends.

In an interview about his short stint as a cameraman, Ford said: "I thought it was cool, I thought it was hip, but I couldn't keep up with those guys. "It was too much."

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