Short film First Love, by Jim Morrison

The film First Love was made by Jim Morrison fifty years ago in Los Angeles, California and has barely seen the light of day. Morrison made several known films while studying at UCLA, and this is the only remaining print of the two. Morrison apparently burned his other film that was highlighted in Oliver Stone's The Doors, out of frustration with its rejection at UCLA.

The documentary Hyacinth is about the film's star and Morrison's dear friend Max Schwartz, otherwise known as the Mad Poet of San Francisco, and includes a showing of First Love.

Schwartz shares glimpses of Morrison before his rise to stardom with The Doors. It's a heartfelt window into the a world of mysticism, global politics, and art, all through a friendship from long past days of youth.

This film's perspective is a rare gem, and worth looking out for at upcoming festivals.

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Jim Morrison by Stephan Beauvais

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