Death (1971)

Once upon a time, in a secret forest clearing, there was erected a temple to the Old Gods. On that sacred ground, witches gathered from neighboring lands to celebrate the Grand Sabbat of Samhain, to light the bonfires, and embrace the coming darkness of winter without fear. Around that temple lay an old cemetery, and there they circled to honor the Mighty Dead of the land, blood and Spirit… especially the Spirit of Jim Morrison, as an incarnation of Dionysus.

Into their temple, they welcomed an honored Priest, flown in from distant lands, there to teach and lead their rites. Pan Mankey was his witching name, golden haired, and laughing, all coy charm, reverence, and sincere badassery. He raised his bottle of cider, and his voice spoke out the invocations, unlocking the wild witches from all fettered convention. Together, they enacted The Morrison Ritual, Lo, that fateful sabbat day.

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Jim Morrison by Stephan Beauvais

Jim Morrison Project

The Jim Morrison Project is an audio & visual anthology detailing the life of Jim Morrison through his poetry, films, art, spoken word & music with The Doors.