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The Jim Morrison Project is an audio & visual anthology detailing the life of Jim Morrison through his poetry, film work, artwork, spoken word & music with The Doors.

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Val Kilmer's Son Jack Kilmer

Jack Kilmer, son of Val, models for the latest Saint Laurent print campaign. Credit: courtesy of Saint Laurent

Top Gun actor Val Kilmer has a 19-year-old son named Jack Kilmer. He's an aspiring actor and professional model. You can see him in the new Saint Laurent men's print ad campaign. Also featured in the black-and-white campaign is Pierce Brosnan's 17-year-old son, Dylan. Rumor has it Dylan was allegedly 'street-cast' by YSL's creative director in Malibu. Um, what street would that be?

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78kaira. (2014, November 21). The Doors - I will never be untrue. Retrieved November 21, 2014, from
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(Front) Erika Cuenca is Catherine, Brent Harris is Oscar Wilde (seated) and (back row, left to right) Sam Tsoutsouvas is Victor Hugo, Tony Triano is Gioacchino Rossini, Deanne Lorette is Sarah Bernhardt, Kati Brazda is Isadora Duncan and Daniel Hartley is Jim Morrison in Pittsburgh Public Theater's L Hotel.

(Front) Erika Cuenca is Catherine, Brent Harris is Oscar Wilde (seated) and (back row, left to right) Sam Tsoutsouvas is Victor Hugo, Tony Triano is Gioacchino Rossini, Deanne Lorette is Sarah Bernhardt, Kati Brazda is Isadora Duncan and Daniel Hartley is Jim Morrison in Pittsburgh Public Theater's "L'Hotel."

Ed Dixon is best known for his 40-year career as a Broadway singer, but he comes to Pittsburgh as the writer of more than a dozen plays and musicals. Brent Harris is known for playing classical roles from coast to coast, but he's here to originate a character in "L'Hotel," a world premiere at Pittsburgh Public Theater.

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CONCERT DATE: 08/29/1970
LOCATION: Isle of Wight
VENUE: Afton Down
PRODUCTION: Murray Lerner
FORMAT: 16mm
LENGTH: Unknown
AUDIO: Multi-track
DIRECTOR: Murray Lerner

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Robby Krieger of the Doors Shares Classic Tales With Glide (INTERVIEW)

AC/DC said it best: "Rock & Roll ain't noise pollution. Rock & Roll ain't gonna die." And for so many bands, truer words have never been spoken. Take The Doors. Born in the California of the sixties when political tensions were heating up and the youth were on the borderline of getting angry and getting high, the band created a whirlwind of hypnotic music before the death of their creative lead singer, Jim Morrison. Forty-three years later, their music is still on the airwaves, still seducing the youth with their charismatic psychedelic nuggets. Forty-three years from now, you will still be able to find "People Are Strange," "Riders On The Storm" and "Light My Fire" playing somewhere. It's almost a guarantee.

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Doors Playlist

Music, poetry, full concerts, rare live footage—all the best YouTube has to offer on my favorite band, The Doors.


  • The Doors - I will never be untrue
  • Jim Morrison's shaman dance
  • The Doors - Jim Morrison
  • Jim Morrison The Doors ~Light My Fire~When You're Strange
  • The Doors Live Footage at "Kongreßhalle" Frankfurt 1968
  • The Doors - Feast Of Friends ~ Trailer HD
  • Feast Of Friends Trailer - Nov. 10th, 2014
  • Stories of my time with Jim Morrison
  • Jim Morrison "Tales Of The American Night" (The Lost Paris Tape) Poetry Recording 1969
  • L'Histoire de Jim Morrison (Documentaire français 1991 TVRip)
  • Three Hours For Magic  The Jim Morrison special
  • The Doors - No One Here Gets Out  Alive A Tribute to Jim Morrison
  • The Doors  "Miami - March 1, 1969"
  • The Doors - R-Evolution 2013 (Official DVD Release)
  • The Doors PBS Studio 1969 Full concert
  • The Doors Break On Through at "She-Bang" 1967 New Good Quality
  • The Doors Hello, I Love You at "1-2-3-4 Hot&Sweet" 1968 Color HD
  • The Doors Live at "American Bandstand" 1967 Full HD Footage
  • The Doors Break On Through "Promotional & Publicity Film" 1966 HD New Footage
  • The Doors Break On Through Live at "Isle of Wight Festival" Original Footage Full Lenght
  • Jim Morrison - VH1 Confidential Segment
  • The Doors at '"Murray the K In New York" Full Outtakes 1967
  • The Doors THE END FULL version!! (LIVE in Toronto, CBC television, 14 September 1967)
  • Jim Morrison Backstage at "Bakersfield Civic Center " 1968 Footage
  • The Doors- Light My Fire Official Live
  • the doors - love me two times
  • Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios
  • Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison [OFFICIAL FILM PREVIEW]
  • Riders on the Storm - The Doors HD
  • The Doors, Mr. Mojo Risin The Story Of LA Woman
  • Jim Morrison: His Final Hours - "Final 24"
  • The Doors Aura Studio Demos (1965) [Early recordings of the Doors]
  • THE doors - Live at the Bowl `68
  • Doorstown: Jim Morrison and The Doors Documentary
  • The Doors Live in europe — full show 1968
  • Jim Morrison on the Future of Music (Electronic Music)
  • The Doors Live 1968
  • The Doors Are Open (Full Movie)
  • Feast Of Friends - The Doors Documentary
  • The Doors   Soundstage Performances 1969
  • The Doors   Live in Copenhagen 1968
  • The Doors: Mr. Mojo Risin - The Story of LA Woman extras
  • Harrison Ford touring with The Doors (1968)
  • The Doors - Bakersfield 1970 (Synced footage)
  • Jim Morrison  rare  Home movie "Dancing"
  • The Doors When the Music's Over Live at Matrix "San Francisco" 1967
  • Turn out the Lights - Jim Morrison's last night on stage
  • The Doors | People Are Strange (Official Video)
  • The Doors Break on Through Live at "Boston" 1970
  • Members of The Doors Discuss The Genesis of "Mr. Mojo Risin'"
  • Patricia Kennealy-Morrison on Jim Morrison
  • Jim Morrison & Women
  • 40 Second Wonder ;)
  • The Doors - Roadhouse Blues, BEST version (live in N.Y. 1970) [music video]
  • The Doors - rare - backstage before a concert
  • Jim Morrison - HWY (full)
  • The Doors - L.A. Woman - HQ (official music video)
  • Jim Morrison: Florida State University (full length) - 1963/1964
  • The Doors - Wishful Sinful
  • The Doors Build Me a Woman Live at Aquarius Theater "Private Rehearsal" 1969
  • The Doors Morrison Hotel Silent 8mm Film Footage 1969 The Changeling 12 11 70
  • The Doors Five to one / Spanish Caravan Live at "Philadelphia Arena" 1968
  • The Doors Five to One Live at Cleveland Public Auditorium August 3 1968
  • The Doors Back Door Man Live at Matrix "San Francisco" 1967
  • A Night With Jim Morrison at The Alta Cienega Motel
  • The Doors - Riders On The Storm (ORIGINAL!) - driving with Jim
  • The Doors - GLORIA - dirty version (music video, fantasy cut)
  • The Doors, Spanish Caravan Live, Madison Square Garden, New York Jan 24, 1969
  • Dawn's Highway Trailer
  • The Doors - Ships With Sails (HQ Audio)
  • THE DOORS - Rare promo video of Light my fire
  • Rare Live Footage of The Doors and Jim Morrison
  • Rare Doors Footage; Those were the Days
  • The Doors - Let It Slide
  • The Doors - When The Music's Over
  • DOORS Lead-Singer Jim Morisson Visits French Movie Set DAYS Before His Death
  • The Doors- Five to One
  • The Doors - Love Street
  • The Doors - Roadhouse Blues (Live)
  • The Doors - Moonlight Drive [HD]
  • The Doors - When The Music's Over (LIVE IN EUROPE 1968)
  • Jim Morrison in "Florida State University: Toward a Greater University"
  • Jim Morrison Alta Cienega Motel Room 32
  • The Doors - Waiting for the sun
  • the doors live light my fire hollywood bowl 1968
  • The Doors - The Changeling Live RARE 8mm Home Movie
  • The Doors - Spanish Caravan (From "Live In Europe 1968" DVD)
  • Back Door Man- The Doors( Live in Seattle ) RARE
  • The Doors - Light My Fire (Live In Europe 1968)
  • The Doors - Frankfurt, Germany 1968
  • Jim Morrison in an Airplane
  • The Doors "People Are Strange"
  • Jim Morrison, The Weird Dawn of Dreams
  • The Doors - The Soft Parade
  • Adolf Hitler is still alive
  • The Doors (The Crystal Ship)
  • The Doors - Roadhouse Blues (Live)
  • The Doors (Wild Child rare version)

Featured Book

The Doors On The Road
by Greg Shaw provides a comprehensive timeline of live performances, reviews of the shows, stage antics of the performers, gossip related to the events, and recording sessions.

There were all these little rooms backstage, see, and i was talking to a girl in one of the rooms—it was actually a shower room, I guess. Then this cop came in and stared hassling me and sprayed some gas in my eyes—it blinds you temporarily—and finally someone told him that I was with The Doors and was supposed to be there, or something like that. The cop let me go. Later, when i was onstage, i was singing "Back Door Man" and in the middle I started telling the crowd what had happened backstage.

—Jim Morrison



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