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The Jim Morrison Project is an audio & visual anthology detailing the life of Jim Morrison through his poetry, film work, artwork, spoken word & music with The Doors. The Jim Morrison Project was originally launched on July 3, 2011, in memory of the 40th anniversary of Jim Morrison's death, and will now be relaunched in celebration of his 70th birthday on December 8, 2013. Even in death, Jim Morrison's legacy lives on.

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At number 364 in Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 greatest albums of all time is "LA Woman" by The Doors. The list from 370 to 361 is as follows:

370 – "Mott" by Mott the Hoople (1973)
369 – "Louder Than Bombs" by The Smiths (1987)
368 – "The Eagles" by The Eagles (1972)
367 – "Ray of Light" by Madonna (1998)
366 – "American Recordings" by Johnny Cash (1994)
365 – "Rage Against the Machine" by Rage Against the Machine (1992)
364 – "LA Woman" by The Doors (1971)
363 – "Substance" by New Order (1987)
362 – "Siamese Dream" by The Smashing Pumpkins (1993)
361 – "Stankonia" by OutKast (2000)

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For the last while we've been a little obsessed, or encouraged, by Jim Morrison's ghost. You cannot deny this guy has style. Ever since the teenage years (weird to say), there's been a fascination with this bit of a God.

An idol in all respects… I had one of my very first writing gigs doing a style summary of the legend for the website, Everyguyed, which still operates today as an online source for men's style and tips for your everyday when you're a guy. I remember the vivid rush whilst composing the words to describe this very 70s tainted, easy-breezy, laid back, effortless, easy cool. Some might point fingers at the snake skin and leather ('Lizard King', after all), but I think it was in his soul. It was a cool, dark, anointed spirit that still contemplates to this day.

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Jim Morrison

The movie "The Doors," Directed by Oliver Stone, tells the story of the band for which the movie was titled, The Doors. The main focus of the movie is Jim Morrison, the lead singer and front man of The Doors. Val Kilmer, who bears a striking resemblance to the charismatic leading man of The Doors, plays Morrison. The other band members are keyboardist Ray Manzarek (Kyle MacLachlan), guitarist Robby Krieger (Frank Whaley), and drummer John Densmore (Kevin Dillon). The film begins with the creation of the band, which happened when Morrison read some of his first lyrics to Manzarek, who was blown away and suggested they start a rock band immediately. The film goes on to show The Doors' five-year career of writing, recording, and performing their music. It focuses on Morrison's life and response to fame. Morrison became a heavy drinker and drug user, and the film ended with his death of heart failure in 1971 at age 27. Pictured above is Morrison's grave in Paris, France. As you can see it is covered in graffiti. Since he died people have been affectionately covering his grave with graffiti, empty bottles of alcohol, and flowers. If the movie portrayed Jim Morrison accurately, I believe that is what he would want his grave to look like.

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by JudeRigby1968
Fan Art / Fan Fiction / Drama © 2013-2014 JudeRigby1968

The Beatles, The Doors, The Who and Pink Floyd team up for one super-show in Rio, but things take an unexpected turn.

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A long time favorite song, I chose to use "The Crystal Ship" by The Doors because the melody has haunted my mind for years. Especially before going to sleep, Jim Morrison's poetic words painted beautiful ship imagery in my imagination, which has evolved into this visual clash of thought.

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The Doors On The Road
by Greg Shaw provides a comprehensive timeline of live performances, reviews of the shows, stage antics of the performers, gossip related to the events, and recording sessions.

"The End" is about three things: sex, death, travel… the theme is the same as in "Light My Fire," liberation from the cycle of birth-orgasm-death.

—Jim Morrison



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